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It is better in Goa

By Monalisa Borkakoty

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People flock to Goa in millions for the sea, sun, sand, affordable alcohol, delicious food and never ending party vibes but for the ones living here, it is much more than just that because life here is a party every day. Here are some of the things that make living in Goa better than other places in the country.

Beach run and a scrumptious breakfast

Waking up early is a done thing in Goa! Early morning runs on the beach or in the village, depending on your preference, prepares you for an active and healthy day ahead. A good dip in the Sea or if you are lucky enough to live close to a lagoon is therapeutic especially in the morning. It creates an appetite too and you can gorge on a heavy breakfast that will fuel your day the right way.

Recommended spots for breakfast - Baba Au Rhum, Prana Café, Artjuna, Go Local, Mango Shade, AJs Fatorda, Bay Tree, Chikoo Tree Project.

Take work along

To do nothing is the most difficult thing. Laying on the beach bed and drinking cosmopolitans might sound euphoric but it is bound to make you tired sooner than you think. Finding something to do as a hobby or things that one can only do in Goa is a good idea. Many freelancers live here because Goa fuels their creativity and one can spot a bunch of people working out of cafes or by the beach.Travelers from all over the world come here for clean air, abundant greenery, an alternate lifestyle and everyone’s agenda is more or less to do what they love and make a living out of it. Find unlimited inspiration and be rejuvenated from your stay here.

Recommended things to do - Finish that short story, kick start your surfing lessons, take cooking seriously, go for a heritage walk, fill the canvas with paint, try your hand at pottery, create stuff to sell.​

Watch the sunset

Sunsets deserve more attention than we give them. Here in Goa, watching a sunset is considered a part of everyone’s routine.The soothing sound of the clashing waves are therapeutic and a game of football or racquetball can be a good break before you can dive into more work with some more inspiration.

Recommended spots to rejuvenate- Small Vagator, Dream Beach, Lotto Beach, Bambolim.


Explore everyday

A very important lesson in life is to never stop exploring and in Goa every bike ride is an exploration of the adorable villages, the picturesque fields and the unending inspiration. The beauty of the local life and the simple ways can enhance your outlook on the the bigger picture that is life. How a simple hello can brighten up a day or how a good deed goes a long way. So hire a bike, a car, a bike taxi, ride the bus or walk on your twos, get out to hear the sounds of Mother Nature.

The good vibes in Goa is a gift. When travelers arrived here in the seventies, it was by mistake that tourism flourished here.The discovery of the serene beaches of Calangute and Candolim were explored first and then to party the rocky beaches of Anjuna seemed appropriate. Rock and Roll parties would go on all night and sometimes for four days at a stretch.The times have changed but it is almost like the energy that Goa has with all the happy times that everyone has here keeps up the good Goan vibe alive.

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A word of caution, these are things that you would not find anywhere else and may prompt you to pack your bags and move to Goa permanently!

Living The Local Life

Life In Goa …they say, is mighty fine.

Life In Goa

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