MOG presents ‘Into the Vault’

An Exhibition in collaboration with the Goa Artist Collective

Date: 5th October to 5th December 2019

Time: 10 AM to 6 PM (Tuesday – Sunday)

Venue: Museum Of Goa, Pilerne Goa

The Museum of Goa, in collaboration with the Goa Artist Collective, presents the exhibition, Into The Vault. The exhibit opens for a special preview at 6:30 PM, Saturday, 5 October. Into The Vault will run from 5 Oct – 5 Dec. The exhibition is sponsored by Paul John Whiskey and Big Banyan Wines. 

Exhibiting works from 12 master artists of the Goa Artists Collective, this exhibition delves into the recesses of the viewers mind to remind them about the things that make them happy, disdainful, angry and even upset. The Vault refers to a place in our minds where we store our precious and sacred ideas.

The exhibition will feature installations, sculptures, paintings, and found objects of the following artists, practicing in Goa:

1. Akshay Chari

2. Bhisaji Gadekar

3. Dhiraj Pednekar

4. Diptej Vernekar

5. Gaurang Naik

6. Kalidas Mhammal

7. Pradip Naik

8. Rajendra Mardolkar

9. Shailesh Dhabolkar

10. Shilpa Mayenkar

11. Siddharth Gosavi

12. Siddhesh Chari. 

The exhibition also asks what it takes to be a museum object, thereby critiquing the idea of a museum. MOG was conceived as more than a repository of objects; rather a laboratory of ideas where all forms of art are in dialogue with each other. With this exhibition, the Goa Artists Collective brings to this laboratory an experiment in breaking the formal conception of the museum.

GAC is a non-profit, contemporary art practice oriented group of Goan artists formed to showcase art and art activities in Goa The 12 artists featured at the exhibition are Akshay Chari, Bhisaji Gadekar, Dhiraj Pednekar, Diptej Vernekar, Gaurang Naik, Kalidas Mhammal, Pradip Naik, Rajendra Mardolkar, Shailesh Dhabolkar, Shilpa Mayenkar, Siddharth Gosavi, Siddhesh Chari.

The Museum of Goa is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday – Sunday. The exhibition will be open during all museum hours. Regular museum charges apply. For queries please contact +91 772 208 9666

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